F.E.W. Program

The F.E.W. initiative is a gender diversity strategy. The initiative is about helping women to develop professionally, provide support and lobby on behalf of female researchers with a view to raising the number of women securing senior tenure positions, guiding junior faculty members travelling the rocky road of research and encouraging more women to choose a career in the finance disciplines of academia.  Its aim is to mirror the successes of its international sister organisations such as CSWEP – Committee for Status of Women in the Economics Profession in the USA (founded in 1971), the UK RES Committee – Royal Economic Society of Women’s Committee (founded in 1996) for which Professor Karen Mumford is currently Chair and the CWEN – Canadian Women Economists Network (founded in 1990).  The Australian F.E.W. program was founded in 2012 by past FIRN Director, Professor Renée Adams.

FIRN acknowledges the under representation of female academics in finance and has committed significant resources to support its members in addressing this issue.  The F.E.W. initiative is a portfolio currently coordinated by Deputy Director Kathy Walsh and is aimed at providing networking support, skills development and offering a collective voice for academic women in finance.  In 2016 the F.E.W. initiative introduced a series of workshops for ECR’s around Australia focusing on career development, networking and negotiation skills. Other program activities include mentoring workshops where junior female academics are mentored by senior female academics; gender seminar presentations by industry leaders; hosting of visiting international female researchers and  networking events including a breakfast at the FIRN annual conference.  All FIRN members (not just women) are encouraged to actively participate and support the F.E.W. program and its initiatives.

poppy brooch

The F.E.W. poppy brooch is specially designed by Yue Fong the daughter of FIRN member Kingsley Fong (UNSW). The circle represents the connection we have with each other and that together we are stronger whilst the poppy and its buds are symbolic of the tall poppy reaching out with new growth.