The FIRN PhD Job Market initiative is about recruiting institutions from across the region seeking to employ job market candidates matching with PhD job market candidates seeking to be hired.

FIRN’s PhD Job Market program offers the following benefits:

  • allows potential employers to begin conversations with candidates before positions are formally list.
  • offers professional development training to PhD students who are 12 months out from the job market through the Future Scholars forum at the annual meetings.
  • offers a one-stop gateway for both PhD candidates on the job market and recruitment teams looking for new hires.
  • offers PhD candidates a better sense of local demand for a their skills and the opportunity to tailor applications accordingly.
  • offers a regional approach to the recruitment process which could save money and time for recruitment teams.  FIRN aims to help promote new hire opportunities at institutions across Australia, New Zealand, South-East Asia and Asia.
  • offers a standing invitation to regional institutions to attend the FIRN annual meetings and use this opportunity as a local meeting opportunity for recruitment teams and institutional representatives.

The FIRN annual meetings are scheduled the second week in November yearly which sits well within the recruitment calendar as it is after the FMA and before the AFA meetings thus may help eliminate excess time and travel costs for candidates within the region.

PhD students who are on the job market are invited to submit their CV job application package (in one combined PDF file format) to FIRN  FIRN will upload the PhD Job Market CV to the dedicated website.  Potential employers will be invited to view job market CV packages.  The website is password protected and only invited institutions and PhD applicants will have access.  Recruitment institutions are asked to follow up with potential candidates direct and where possible undertake candidate interviews at the FIRN annual conference.