National PhD courses

Want to enrol in a FIRN PhD course – here’s how to do it!

FIRN’s program of courses are open to all PhD students and early career researchers.  Currently members at FIRN universities may enrol without paying course fees however this is at the discretion of the presenting university.  Course fees may apply to participants  from non-FIRN member institutions.

Step 1:       Download the course syllabus and make sure you meet the pre-requisite knowledge requirements.
Step 2:       Obtain written permission from your PhD Supervisor (or PhD Coordinator) before emailing FIRN to enrol.  An email will suffice. Written approval is to set out the following:
(a) whether you are doing the course for credit recognition or not;
(b) that the FIRN Terms of Enrolment (see below) are accepted and agreed to;
(c) that you have your School’s approval to undertake the course off-campus (for insurance purposes).
Step 3:       Email all details to firn [at]

2018 program


Masterclass in Asset Pricing

Special topic area: Real Estate
Presenter: Professor Jay Hartzell (The University of Texas at Austin)
Venue: Deakin
Dates: 3-8 December, 2018
Course details:   FIRN Masterclass syllabus – Topics in Real Estate with Jay Hartzell.

Click here to enrol 

2019 program – Semester 1


Finance Theory

Presenter: Professor Tom Smith (Macquarie)
Venue: Level 24, 123 Pitt Street, Sydney Macquarie University CBD Campus 
Module 1 – 16-17 March 2019
Module 2 –  4-5 May 2019
Module 3 –  18-19 May 2019

Final Exam: Thurs 13 June 2-5pm

2019 Course syllabus coming soon.
2018 Course syllabus details: click here to download course syllabus



Financial Econometrics*

Presenter: Professor Federico Nardari (Melb)
Venue: University of Melbourne
Module 1: will be offered again semester 1, 2019
Module 2: 
Module 3: 
Course details:  click here to download course syllabus
*this is an advance capstone course with a pre-requisite knowledge requirement


FIRN Elective course

Process of Research

Presenter: Professors Robert Faff (UQ)
Venue: University of Queensland, St Lucia Campus
Module 1:  23-24 February
Module 2:  6-7 April
Module 3: 18-19 May
Course details: Coming Soon

Previous year’s syllabus: click here to download course syllabus

FIRN Elective course

Research Methodologies

Presenter: Professor Tom Smith (Macquarie)

Venue: All classes Level 24, 123 Pitt Street Sydney, Macquarie University CBD Campus


5 Day Intensive
Thurs 18-Mon – 22nd July 2019

2019 Course syllabus coming soon

2019 masterclasses


Masterclass in Corporate Finance

Special Topic area: Corporate Finance

Presenter: Professor Nathalie Moyen (University of Colorado)
Venue: UNSW
Dates: 30 June – 6 July, 2018
Course details: Course syllabus will be available 2019


Masterclass in Asset Pricing

Special topic area: Investments
Presenter: Professor Zoran Ivkovic (Michigan State University)
Venue: TBA
Dates: TBA
Course details:   Course syllabus will be available 2019

2019 program – Semester 2


Empirical Finance

Presenter:  Professor Tom Smith (Macquarie)
Venue: Level 24, 123 Pitt Street, Sydney Macquarie University CBD campus
Module 1:  27-28 July 2019
Module 2:  31 Aug-1 Sept 2019
Module 3:  28-29 Sept 2019

Final Exam: Thurs 7 Nov 2-5pm

2019 Syllabus coming soon

2018 Course details: click here to download course syllabus




Market Microstructure

Presenter: Professor Talis Putnins (UTS)
Venue: UTS Business School
Module 1 –  2-3 August
Module 2 –   6-7 September
Module 3 –   11-12 October
Course details: Click here to download course overview

Terms of Enrolment:

  • Staff enrolling in FIRN courses for professional development purposes must already have a PhD otherwise full enrolment is required.
  • One course auditor per institution is allowed.  Course auditors must have a PhD.
  • PhD students understand and accept they meet all pre-requisites before enrolling in a FIRN course.
  • PhD students understand that FIRN’s PhD program involves “advanced courses” specifically designed to be challenging.
  • PhD student enrolments are accepted on the understanding they intend to complete the full course program including all assessment requirements (Note: travel funding approval is often conditional upon students completing the full program).
  • PhD students may not attend FIRN courses on a casual basis – no exceptions.
  • PhD students have obtained their Supervisor’s approval (in writing) before submitting their enrolment.