Annual meetings

2017 FIRN Conference Sails @ Uluru 16-19 November, 2017

FIRN members, families and colleagues are invited to the 7th FIRN Annual Conference to be held at the Sails at Uluru NT 16-19 November, 2017. The conference is a great way to meet colleagues from across Australia and to receive valuable feedback.  There are a variety of sessions scheduled as part of the FIRN annual conference program offering a variety of paper presentations at various stages.  All papers are blind peer reviewed by our international program committee to help seek out the interesting, the inspiring and the cutting edge work being done.

The FIRN conference will again offer opportunities for PhD recruitment sessions by hiring institutions as well as a forum session for Future Scholars aimed at helping PhD students who are 12 months out from the job market.

The Robert Faff led “Pitching New Research” session offers a great opportunity for early research ideas and papers to be presented and discussed.

Stay tuned for more details on the conference – bring the family – yes there will be a kids club again!  Be inspired, be informed, engage in debates, enjoy the challenges and savour the ambience, food and culture of outback Australia.  Uluru is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a spectacular location to see outback Australia.

New members and visiting researchers are always welcome so please spread the word to others.

Hope to see you in November.

David Michayluk
FIRN Director

The conference will consist of the following program components:

Presentation sessions:

  • Research paper by International New Hires
  • Research papers by FIRN members
  • Pitch Your Research Ideas by FIRN members

Seminar sessions:

  • Top tier and A* publications by FIRN members
  • FEW breakfast
  • Job Market Future Scholars forum by PhD students

Networking social events:

  • several are being planned….