Research intensive meetings

Asset pricing
Banking and stability
Corporate finance
Market microstructure

Annual conference

Australia’s premier conference for finance researchers

AFA fine wine reception

Premier showcase and international networking event for Australian finance researchers

National PhD coursework program

A national program of coursework presented by the best research leaders

Helping young researchers succeed

Professional development programs specific to female researchers
Workshops and seminars for young researchers
PhD job market programs
Alumni networks

Master classes

Advanced classes presented by top international researchers

Research intensive meetings

These annual intensive research meetings aim to provide members with an opportunity to connect with peers to gain a deeper understanding of the specific topic area.
Meetings are open to all FIRN members however paper presentations are selective.
Please go to the meeting website for full details.

National PhD courses and masterclasses

FIRN coordinates a program of elite quality PhD courses accross Australia aimed at supporting students who wish to continue their career in research.  Program offers a range of topic offerings on a rotating basis.  All subjects have been endorsed at an international standard.  Enrolment is free for all FIRN member institution PhD students.

Annual conference and job market program

FIRN hosts Australia’s premier finance conference annually.  Program accommodates various areas of finance research with only the top papers selected following an international review process.  The annual conference is well known for being family-friendly and is held at various iconic locations around Australia.
Registration is open to all FIRN members, visiting researchers and PhD students.

Development of female researchers

FIRN offers a range of diversity strategies that aim to help female researchers – particularly early career researchers.  Initiatives include building of professional networks, new skills development, latest research plus mentoring and peer to peer support.  A program of workshops, networking events and international collaborations is offered by FIRN.

Calendar of Events


9-15 July
Masterclass – Corporate Finance – University of Tasmania
(Special Topic: Information Economics Applications by Uday Rajan, University of Michigan),

29-30 July
PhD course –  Empirical Finance (module 1), (Tom Smith, Macquarie), Macquarie University, CBD Campus, Sydney

31 July – 1 August
Research group meeting – Banking & Financial Stability,
ANU Research School of Finance, Actural Studies and Statistics
Keynotes: Andrew Winton, University of Minnesota; Jean Helwege, University of California Riverside; Christa Bouwman, University of Texas A&M); Vasso Ioannidou, University of Lancaster and James Vickery, New York Federal Reserve)

4-5 August
PhD course – Market Microstructure (module 1), (Talis Putnins, UTS), UTS Business School

2-3 September
PhD course – Empirical Finance (module 2), (Tom Smith, Macquarie), Macquarie University, CBD Campus, Sydney

8-9 September
PhD course – Market Microstructure (module 2), (Talis Putnins, UTS), UTS Business School

24-30 September
Masterclass – Asset Pricing, University of South Australia
(Special Topic: Risk, Uncertainty and Ambiguity by Michael Gallmeyer, University of Viriginia),

20-21 October
PhD course – Market Microstructure (module 3), (Talis Putnins, UTS), UTS Business School

28-29 October
PhD course –  Empirical Finance (module 3), (Tom Smith, Macquarie), Macquarie University, CBD Campus, Sydney

1-2 November
Research group meeting – Asset Pricing
University of Melbourne
(Keynotes: Professor Mark Grinblatt (UCLA), Svetlana Bryzgalova (Stanford), Robert Richmond (NYU) and Michael Sockin (Texas)

16-18 November
7th FIRN Annual Conference
Sails in the Desert, Uluru, NT

18-20 December
FIRN Women – Professional networking event
Auckland Finance meeting, Queenstown NZ


5 January
FIRN Australasian Fine Wine reception
Philadelphia, USA.

2-8 December
Masterclass – Asset Pricing
Deakin University
(Special Topic: Real Estate by Jay Hartzell, The University of Texas at Austin)