Research intensive meetings

Asset pricing
Banking and stability
Corporate finance
Market microstructure

Annual conference

Australia’s premier conference for finance researchers

AFA fine wine reception

Premier showcase and international networking event for Australian finance researchers

National PhD coursework program

A national program of coursework presented by the best research leaders

Helping young researchers succeed

Professional development programs specific to female researchers
Workshops and seminars for young researchers
PhD job market programs
Alumni networks

Master classes

Advanced classes presented by top international researchers

Research intensive meetings

Meetings are scheduled annually and aim to provide members with a deeper understanding of a specific area of research.
Meetings are open to all FIRN academic members.
Paper presentations are selective.
Please refer to each meetings call for papers for details.

National PhD courses and master classes

PhD students are able to access a portfolio of subject offerings that have been endorsed for quality and content at an international standard.

Enrolment is open to all PhD students at FIRN member universities without charge.

Annual conference

Premier family-friendly annual conference for finance researchers in Australia held at various iconic locations around the country.

Open to all FIRN academics and PhD students.

Researcher development programs for women and ECRs

A diversity strategy that is about helping women and early career researchers to develop professionally by providing access to senior research leaders, development workshops and seminars, peer support and mentorship.




  • 6 January
    Australian Fine Wine reception at AFA, Chicago
  • 4-5 August
    FIRN PhD course in market microstructure (module 1) at UTS
  • 12-13 August
    FIRN PhD capstone course in Corporate Finance Theory (module 1) at University of Sydney
  • 19-20 August
    FIRN PhD capstone course in Corporate Finance Theory (module 2) at University of Sydney
  • 26-27 August
    FIRN PhD capstone course in Corporate Finance Theory (module 3) at University of Sydney
  • 8-9 September
    FIRN PhD course in market microstructure (module 2) at UTS
  • 13-14 October
    FIRN PhD course in market microstructure (module 3) at UTS
  • 9-12 November
    FIRN Annual Conference at Ulura NT

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